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Claudia VillaCova

Terapista de Salud Mental, MA (Ella)

I am a two-spirited matrilineal medicine woman with a master's degree in clinical psychology. My philosophical approach is deeply spiritual, trauma-sensitive, psychosomatic, and relationally based, viewed through a developmental and ecological lens. My work is rooted in the indigenous medicine wheel, drawing from the experiences and teachings of my cultural heritage. I integrate tools from Western psychology with indigenous medicine practices to co-create a gentle, kind, and loving space for my clients to explore and heal.

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Claudia VillaCova

MA (she/her)

In our work together, we nurture and care for what is emerging, allowing it to take form. I incorporate somatic practices, storytelling, and psychodrama to help clients identify and understand the stories and patterns living in their bodies, minds, and hearts. This process prepares the body's neurological centers to function optimally. I help set intentions and create a sense of coherence and harmony among the body, mind, heart, and spirit, facilitating the embodiment of emerging aspects of the self.

I guide my clients in rooting their healing and integration by becoming aware of their resources, starting with ancestral awareness and connection to the Earth's natural resources. We also explore other forms of resourcing, including self-regulation and co-regulation, to support human connection, belonging, and a sense of vitality and aliveness in their lives and relationships.


I have been practicing psychotherapy for 20 years, with the last 10 years in private practice. I have extensive experience in trauma work and its impact on power, love, and sex dynamics within relationships. A significant portion of my practice focuses on female health and wellness across all gender expressions and sexual orientations, working with both individuals and couples.  As well as creating a spiritual container for clients who are micro-dosing at home on their own with psilocybin and other plant medicines and for those looking for support in integrating ceremonial experience with Master Plants


Areas of Study:

  • Transpersonal Psychology

  • Storytelling

  • Circle Keeping

  • Psychodrama, Sociodrama, Sociometry

  • Anti-Oppression Work

  • Generative Conflict Modalities

  • Meditation and Sitting Practice

  • Yoga

  • Authentic Movement

  • Somatic Abolitionist Practices

  • Sensory Motor Integration

  • Neural Repatterning

  • Brain-Gut Intelligence

  • Sound Healing

  • Womb Activation

  • Plant Medicine

  • Energy Medicine 


My first conscious memories of learning come from the natural world and my immediate family. I was blessed to grow up in a spiritually rich and well-resourced family. My grandmothers, Maria del Refugio and Maria Josephina (MiPina), were my first and most influential medicine mentors. I am deeply grateful to them for weaving forth their cultural traditions and passing them on to their grandchildren. My medicine is strong because of the foundation they provided, and I hold deep respect and gratitude for them.

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4711 N. Broadway St.

Suite 105, Chicago, IL 


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