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Therapy Session

Counseling Approach

At times life can be overwhelming and sometimes even exhausting. During those times, we can benefit from the support of a professional to help us cope with life and it’s challenges. Counseling is a process of growth and self-discovery. 

We would like to help you on your journey toward growth, healing and self-discovery.  We are here to listen to you, guide you and support you. Through our collaborative work you can build skills, enhance your mood or anxiety, better understand yourself, find your voice, feel better, enhance your quality of life and advance towards your full potential. For this to happen we offer an accepting, compassionate, and affirming space where you can share your story and where you will be genuinely listened to, feel safe, supported, and  empowered to take charge of your life. 

We operate from a strengths-based perspective and will focus on solutions by building on your existing strengths. Our practice of counseling is intentional and based on science. In counseling we will address your individual contexts within the communities you belong to and the wider society, and your relationships to those communities and society. In my work with individuals from marginalized communities, our approach is one that pays attention to human potential, interpersonal relationships, and understanding individuals’ contexts. We believe that stigma, oppression, racism, and power dynamics are often responsible for much of our distress and psychological symptoms, and therefore it is beneficial to address these topics in counseling. 

Our goal is to help you better understand yourself, gain useful skills to better cope with life challenges, solve some of your challenges,  overcome obstacles, reach your full potential, and ultimately feel better.



  • Anger

  • Anxiety, Panic, Stress, and Fears

  • Sadness, Depression, Guilt, and Loneliness

  • Trauma and PTSD

Same Sex Female Couple


  • Gender Identity

  • Masculinity and Being a Better Man

  • Race and Ethnic Identity

  • Sexual Orientation

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Life Experiences

  • Adulting

  • End of a Relationship

  • Grief and Loss

  • Living with a Chronic Health Condition

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  • Couples and Other Intimate Relationships

  • Family Conflict

  • Non-Traditional Relationships

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Self Improvement

  • Career Enhancement and Coaching

  • Motivation and Drive

  • Personal Growth

  • Self-Esteem

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Sex and Sexuality

  • Quality of Sex Life

  • Sexual Functioning

  • Concerns about Sexual Desire

  • Non-Traditional Practices (Eg. Kink, BDSM, and others.)

Populations and Areas of Expertise

Throughout our experience we have worked with individuals from diverse communities, including the following: Immigrants, individuals living with HIV, Kink, Latino/a/x, LGBTQ+, Non binary and gender non conforming individuals, non-traditional and open relationships, public figures, organizational leaders, people of color, polyamory, and religious communities.

Also, as a bilingual counselors, we are am able to provide counseling in Spanish.
Our main areas of emphasis are Emotions, Identity, Life Experiences, Relationships, Self-Improvement, Addictions, and Sex and Sexuality. Below are some examples in each of the areas:

Couples Therapy

Counseling Interventions


Our practice of counseling is intentional and based on science.We integrate various theories and interventions including Cognitive-Behavioral counseling (CBT), Humanistic counseling, Mindfulness, Multicultural Psychology, and Liberation Psychology. The names of these modalities may not be that important, what is important is that I employ a wide range of treatment intervention to increase the possibility that counseling fits you and your concerns.

Supportive Friend

Counseling Services

We offer individual, couples and relationship, family, and group counseling. counseling can be offered in person at our office and when possible via telehealth. The average session last approximately 50 minutes, with the exception of group counseling which last 90 minutes.

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Family counseling consists of all those involved attending counseling at the same time. It works with strategies and techniques to improve the relationship between members.

Couples and Relationships

Couples and relationship counseling consists of the couple or the  members of the relationship attending most of the sessions together, but individual sessions may also be held to assess the status of each member.

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Psychology Session


Individual counseling consists of a process of evaluation and treatment between the patient and the counselor. Each difficulty or disorder will have its process, its strategies and its duration.


Group counseling consists of one counselor providing counseling to a small group of clients together around a common topic.

Group Discussion
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